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Fill your protection gaps here

It doesn’t need a Which? survey to tell you that consumers are being ripped off and poorly served by retailers, and other non-professionals, offering insurance products.

Talking of Which?, the consumer magazine recently cited mobile phone insurance from mobile phone operators and retailers as being a complete waste of money.

You’ll have plenty of other examples, although our favourite is the jeweller that offered this writer accidental damage cover on a pair of earrings worth £85 for a premium of £27 and incorporating a policy excess of £15. No fact find, no demands and needs statement produced, no questions regarding cover that may have been available under this writer’s home policy. If it weren’t so appalling, it would be funny.

We all know that brokers “do” insurance better than anyone else – for a start they know what they are talking about and they always have the best interest of their clients in mind.

We don’t want to start preaching here, but don’t you think its time to start fighting back on behalf of your clients?

Income Generator can help you.

We have access to products that actually offer protection that is worth something to your clients. For example, we offer an Excess Insurance product that enables your personal lines or commercial clients to reduce, or even remove, excesses from their policies – real cover for a real need. Or, how about an Insurance Premium Waiver policy that covers pre-existing medical conditions?

We didn’t call it Income Generator for nothing. Our product range provides useful protection for your clients – it also provides extra income for you.

Top quality marketing – all done for you

We don’t just provide access to innovative products we market them for you at remarkably low costs. And we make sure the marketing dovetails in with your overall sales process.

What you should do next

Stop retailers stealing your market share and start expanding your range of products and get marketing.

If you’d like more information on Income Generator, use the link or call us on 01252 757136, or if you prefer, drop us a quick e-mail