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Add On & Niche Products

Income Generator markets a range of carefully selected products that are often described as add on or niche. Brokers decide which products from our range are suitable for promotion to their clients. The products we have available have been selected on the basis that:

  • Sales & administration are simple
  • All processes are comprehensive and clear for the consumer
  • They represent value to the consumer
  • They are likely to complement brokers normal product ranges

It is widely accepted that clients who have more than one policy with you are less likely to leave you than clients with a single policy.


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We Do It For You

  • We write it – Professionally written by professional writers
  • We design it – Your logo on the masthead – e-marketing promotions look like they come from you
  • We produce it – We manage the whole production process
  • We send it – We use our mass mailing system – no clogging up your systems
  • We report it – you get a detailed report on sales generated


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My Broker Gateway

E-marketing promotions don’t work if there is lots of text in the e-mail. The headlines and teaser content needs to catch the eye and entice the reader into clicking through to another destination to read more about aspects of the product that interest them.

We have designed My Broker Gateway so that you don’t have to go to the expense of continually updating your own website to accommodate add on or niche product promotion. The site promotes brokers in general and provides the landing pages for the e-marketing promotions we send on your behalf.

My Broker Gateway isn’t a competing website. It is designed to be complementary to your own. The product supplier, however, always supplies the sales and administration process on their own sites.


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Your Own Niche Product Range?

You don’t have to promote products from our range. If you have niche products of your own we can help you maximise income from them.