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Finding New Clients

New clients are critical if insurance brokers want to grow. However, measuring the cost effectiveness of the marketing costs expended trying to acquire them can be notoriously difficult. Targeting prospects that will produce you the highest potential conversion to profitable clients is imperative if you want to make the most of your marketing spend.

Lead Generator enables you to:

  • Target specific sectors and groups
  • Talk to prospects when they are ready to buy
  • Clearly measure your return on marketing investment

Why take a scattergun approach to lead generation when you can target the clients you want?


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Maintaining Interest

Good marketing creates interest but not always at the right time. Often the next renewal or review date is a long way away. The interest you produced from your initial marketing needs to be maintained up to the key buying period. We manage the whole process of maintaining interest from initial contact to quote time for you. We do this by following up permission to quote or review with a series of e-communications that are designed to:

  • Continually affirm the prospect’s commitment to get a quote from you
  • Collect useful information about preparing for their quote
  • Soliciting information on other products they may be interested in being quoted for

We only involve you at the right time – when a prospective client is ready to talk about their insurance requirements with you.


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  • With Lead Generator you only pay on results because we earn the bulk of our income from the leads we produce for you. And, because you are free to leave the programme at any time your commitment is minimal.
  • Most marketing brokers undertake requires a leap of faith because it can be notoriously hard to measure success, or indeed failure. Lead Generator costs are transparent and easily measurable.