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Why E-Newsletters?

Lots of brokers, at one time or another have tried to communicate regularly with their clients by using newsletters. Most have struggled to maintain momentum because:

  • Finding interesting topics to write about is time consuming
  • Getting contributions internally for news items soon dries up
  • Other commitments frequently compete with writing and production

The net result is infrequent and sometimes poorly constructed newsletters that often do very little to enhance your reputation with your clients. E-newsletters provide a far more sophisticated platform from which to communicate with your clients providing it is handled professionally.


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Why We Write It

Our background is in both insurance and publishing so we are uniquely placed to understand the subject matter and the disciplines involved in writing, designing and producing newsletters. Great e-newsletters shouldn’t be intrusive or a bother to the recipient. They should be informative and valuable to your clients. We use professional writers to produce compelling content that creates interest and is really useful to your clients.


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How We Construct Them

The best e-newsletters don’t need to be overly sales orientated to produce interest and help drive up your sales but they do need to have the right balance between news information and product. We use the same disciplines a magazine publisher would to ensure design and production is of the highest quality and to a regular timetable.

My Broker Gateway e-newsletters don’t work if there is lots of text in the e-mail. The headlines and teaser content needs to catch the eye and entice the reader into clicking through to another destination to read more about the stories that interest them. We have designed My Broker Gateway so that you don’t have to go to the expense of continually updating your own website.

The site promotes brokers in general and provides the landing pages for the newsletters we send on your behalf. My Broker Gateway isn’t a competing website. It is designed to be complementary to your own.