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Pack Carefully

More than 30 countries are currently listed on the Foreign Office website as destinations that the British Government either recommend you don’t travel to at all or only travel to with extreme caution.

Businesses planning to send employees abroad need to carefully consider the risks. Taking Foreign Office advice should form part of the process.

The Government compiles its travel advice based on three main sources of information:

  • British embassies, consulates and high commissions
  • The intelligence services
  • Local knowledge

Information is updated regularly on the Foreign Office website and during turbulent times its website can change many times a day.

The Foreign Office also provides a travel checklist, which is useful irrespective of the country you are travelling to and you can also sign up business travellers for the LOCATE Service. This registers travellers with the local British authority in the territory they are travelling in.

Another issue to consider is the impact that Foreign Office travel advice has on your business travel insurance policy – especially if a situation only starts to develop when you are at your destination. The Foreign Office provides advice on what they consider to be the minimum insurance cover travellers should obtain but business travellers should also consider obtaining additional cover for:

  • Loss or damage to business & computer equipment
  • Business equipment hire (if originals are stolen or damaged)
  • Cost of personnel replacement (should original traveller fall ill and need repatriation/replacing)

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This article originally appeared in our July 2011 Loyalty Generator e-newsletter.