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Why re-solicit ex clients?

  • Marketing to win back ex clients is very cost effective and the return on your marketing investment can be easily measured. However, brokers that do re-solicit their ex clients often leave it too late, contacting them 10 or 11 months after the last renewal.
  • Far better results are produced if a dialogue is started earlier. For maximum returns a well structured telemarketing and communication programme that complements a brokers sales process is a must.


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Better Results

  • We know from experience that ex clients do not respond very well to re-solicitation marketing if there is a long gap between the last policy being held and the first re-solicitation marketing material being received.
  • We have found that gaining permission to re-quote or review an ex client’s portfolio increases by up to fourfold if re-soliciting starts early. Interest can be maintained by communicating regularly between initial contact and renewal.


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Maintaining Interest

We manage the whole process of maintaining interest from initial contact to permission to quote time for you. We do this by following up permission to quote or review with a series of e-communications that are designed to:

  • Continually affirm the ex client’s commitment to get a quote from you
  • Collect useful information about preparing for their re-quote
  • Soliciting information on other products they may be interested in being quoted for.

We only involve you at the right time – when an ex client is ready to talk about their insurance with you.


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  • With Re-Generator you only pay on results because we earn the bulk of our income from the leads we produce for you. And, because you are free to leave the programme at any time your commitment is minimal.
  • Most marketing brokers undertake requires a leap of faith because it can be notoriously hard to measure success, or indeed failure. Re-Generator costs are transparent and easily measurable.