ROI Calculator

Our ROI Calculator aims to help you quickly determine whether our Lead Generation services are likely to make you money. The Lead Generation services are designed for Commercial Brokers and the calculations we have used are based on actual campaigns that we have run.All calculations are an estimate and are as accurate as we can possibly make them without going into specific detail with you about your data and your telemarketing objectives.Try the calculator now!


How many customers and/or prospects will we be marketing to using our Lead Generator services?


What is your current ratio for converting prospects to sales?



What is the average income you receive for each policy sold?



The cost of our Lead Generator marketing campaign…



In the 12 months following the Lead Generator Marketing campaign
we would expect new business from the customers and/or prospects
targeted to earn you at least…


If you would like a more accurate Return on Investment Calculation that includes Lifetime Value, then please send us your contact details by completing the form below…


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