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So You Think You Can Sell?

Businesses live or die by their ability to sell the products that they make or the services that they provide. How does your business match up to our selection of super-sellers?

Sand to Arabs

In 2003 Lancashire based Equestrian Surfaces won a contract worth £500,000 to export sand to Dubai. The purchaser, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum rated the sand they quarried from Cheshire above his home grown variety.

Tea to China

China sells around £412 million worth of tea to the UK but companies like Twinings and Newby have been exploiting the penchant for the new Chinese middle-class to associate themselves with our tea drinking heritage. Sales currently stand at around only £600,000 but its increasing year on year.

“If a man smiles all the time, he’s probably selling something that doesn’t work”
George Carlin, American stand up comic

Vodka to Eastern Europe

Situated in the lager heartland of Essex, Blavod Black Vodka is brewed using the south-east Asian herb, black catechu and currently sells in over 30 eastern European countries including Poland.

Curry to Asia

Lancashire is the Launchpad for our curry attack on Asia. Patak exports various sauces and pastes to over 40 countries including India Naans to India India seems an unlikely export destination for naan bread but Dunstable bakers Honeytop have been so successful at putting their packaged bread into Indian homes that they are opening their own factory there.

“Tomorrow it’ll all be over, then I’ll have to go back to selling pens again”
Johnny Depp, Actor

Coffee Machines to Italy

They may be the last company in the UK manufacturing coffee makers but Birmingham based firm Fracino increased its exports to Italy by 25% last year.

Cheese to France

France makes more than 300 different types of cheese but they still go oooh la la over cheddar, stilton and wenslydale. In fact Wensleydale Creamery sent over £2.25 million worth of cheese to France last year.

“All right, let’s not panic. I’ll make the money by selling one of my livers. I can get by with one.”
Homer Simpson

Source: HSBC Trading Secrets Magazine

This article originally appeared in our Sept 2011 Loyalty Generator e-newsletter.