Marketing Services - Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

New Marketing Projects

Marketing can be a sizeable portion of your expenditure so it pays to have a strategic plan that is based on clear and solid thinking. For us strategic planning is not a theoretical exercise. It is a business function with clear objectives and measurements.
A good marketing plan has:

  • Identified objectives – clearly identifying what the key objectives are is fundamental to a good marketing plan
  • Gathered intelligence – to understand the market you are addressing
  • Undertaken competitor analysis – to see what are you up against
  • Identified KPIs – you can’t measure your return on investment without them


Existing Marketing

Sometimes it is helpful to get a different perspective on existing marketing programmes. We apply the same disciplines as we do for new marketing projects to obtain a root and branch review that has a practical application.

We have a considerable amount of marketing experience in the insurance broking sector so if you are serious about marketing you need to talk to us.