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Treat your customers fairly? Have you asked them?

“We expect firms to be able to demonstrate that they are consistently treating customers fairly. Typically, this will involve using management information.”

*FSA Website –

Brokers are inundated with management information. Statistics on conversion and retention rates and underwriting performance data are meat and drink for most. But what statistics can you point to that demonstrate you are treating your customers fairly?

The only way to really measure their satisfaction levels is by asking them how they find your service.



Why bother?

Aside from the regulatory issues regularly surveying your clients makes sound commercial sense too.

  • Surveys help you to measure customer satisfaction
  • Surveys provide tangible evidence to regulators that you take treating customers fairly seriously
  • Surveys can help you sell more

Not only that, surveys demonstrate to your clients that you value them.



Why We Do The Words?

Whether you are using our survey templates or commissioning us to produce a bespoke survey, you can be sure that:

  • Your survey will be professionally written specifically for your market audience
  • Your survey will look very professional and use your branding
  • Your survey report will be detailed and tell you a lot about how your customers think about you

Finding our more about your clients doesn’t cost the earth either. Our prices start from as little as £250 per survey.



Try it for yourself

If you’d like to see a typical survey in action why not follow the survey link below?

Do it now – It’s a well know fact that nine out of ten brokers who put off doing something about surveys never do anything about it.

Click here for an example…

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