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Top quality marketing – all done for you

Loyalty Generator is a regular e-newsletter sent to your clients that is constructed of news stories, informational items and insurance product information that your clients will find useful.

We do all the work so that you can concentrate on the results:

  • We research all the features
  • We write all the content
  • We design everything
  • We e-mail the e-newsletter to your clients for you
  • We track the results

You don’t even have to do any work on your website to accommodate our e-newsletters. We have created a destination website for click throughs from the e-newsletter that doesn’t compete with your site, it works in harmony with it. You can check out My Broker Gateway by following this link

And because this is e-mail marketing you get a report that tells you:

  • Who opened the e-mail & how many times they opened it
  • Who read the e-mail, which features they clicked through to and how many times they read them

So, how exactly does this help you know more about your customers, understand what they are interested in and enhance your renewal retention and enhance sales?

Good question – here’s the answer:

E-mail openers help you quantify interest – these people have shown enough interest in the content of the e-mail to read it and you know their names. You also know how many times they opened it and over what timespan. Who will you make a follow up call to, the person that opened it once or the person that opened 7 times – 3 times on Friday and another 4 times on the following Monday?

Features clicked enables accurate follow up – So the feature explaining how you review each renewal, what you do and how clients can get the most out of the process has been clicked through to 45 times. Some people have clicked through to the article several times. You have their names and their activity log – do you ignore them or call them to ask if they need any more information?

Static Insurance links show interest – all of our e-newsletters offer links to more information on a wide range of insurance products. If 10 people clicked though to information on D&O insurance after reading the article on the rise in law suits against MDs are you going to offer them some help?


Why should you try Loyalty Generator?

You should try Loyalty Generator because:

Feedback – You will never find a better way to market to your clients that gives the level of feedback that e-mail marketing does

Quality – The e-newsletters are written by professional writers and designed by professional designers

Cost - It is remarkably cheap – £150 per campaign*

And, it is getting cheaper – if you pre-book a programme of 3 e-newsletters you get the first one absolutely free.

There is no on-going commitment, you don’t even have to sign up to 3 newsletters, you can do one at a time and if you decide it’s not for you, you can stop. We won’t send the boys round or kidnap your dog.


What next?

The insurance market is littered with the carcasses of good intentions – contact us now. Click the I am not a carcass link and e-mail us your contact information and a suitable time to call you.

If you’d like to see the last e-newsletter we sent out on behalf of brokers we can arrange that too, simply use the same link and we’ll send it to you. Let us know whether you’re interested in personal or commercial lines or both.

If you want to read more about Loyalty Generator before you save your carcass click the link.


* There is an e-mail send limit of 2000 but it really doesn’t cost very much to send it to more people. Prices quoted are Ex VAT.